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Dear Wanderers ...

Well...didn't the year start with some unwanted excitement? Fortunately no loss of human life from the Sampson Flat Fires. I find being exposed to events like this very humbling...makes me think more about what is really important in life.

Chris and Margie were lucky to have the house left...shedding, fencing and septic destroyed. Last Saturday quite a few of us were able to help out with cleaning up some of the mess of burnt timber and shrubbery. What a massive job...! One working bee isn't enough. I know now why tree removal is so expensive. About six of us spent about half a day on just one tree...!

I have other friends in a similar situation...helping out there on Sunday.

My work was also effected with no access to customer's properties for a week or so. I have about 15 customers in or on the edges of the fire extents...most were ok, none lost their houses but lots of shedding and fencing toasted. One is a grower...all his livelihood gone. Great to see fabulous acts of support and assistance...the social media enabled assistance just amazing. As I said earlier...very humbling...both the awesomeness of nature and people.

Good day, Fred

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